caught my eye 3.25.11

25 March 2011

First up, I want to tell you that Marjory @ Elk etsy shop is donating 50% of her net proceeds through the end of March Japan relief efforts. A doubly rewarding way to help out!  
Did you know that you can paint upholstery?? via Emily A. Clark

I am not much of a purple girl, but this combination of purple and green that Amanda used in her girls’ room may make me a convert:
Alicia used cut up pvc pipe for her circle mirrors!
I want to come to a bbq under Jaime @ Okla-HOME-a’s pergola!
Robyn’s easter/spring dresses in her etsy shop makes me want my girls to be this little again. *sigh* Only $16???
Have a super weekend~my parents are coming to visit and I CAN’T WAIT! Off to clean house~signature


  1. thanks for the shout out about my dresses Melissa!

  2. love love your blog! very inspiring!!! I especially like a quote I read of yours! Be Kind: for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle! love love!! Is that your quote?


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