auctions for the Alma Project!

02 April 2011

I love what Kate from Centsational Girl is doing with the Alma Project. Basically, it is the transformation of a fixer upper house into a comfortable functional home for women who desperately need it.  {you can read more here} Could you get anyone better to be in charge of something like this?? Kate has a heart of gold and I told her I would love to help out, but Virginia is kind of a long drive from California. As I was adding some odds and ends to my Goodwill bin, a thought came to me that *maybe* some of it could be sold to help the Alma Project. Soooooo, I am putting some things up for auction in separate posts.

*All* proceeds will go toward the Alma Project~just think of it as making a donation to a worthy cause  and getting some fun things for free! If you don’t want to bid on anything, Kate could use any donation, large or small to help out with this project.

Happy Bidding!



  1. That is a lovely idea! I think what Kate is doing is fabulous, and how nice of you to create a way for others to help her. Nice job.

  2. Melissa, I am so excited about this!!! Thank you so much for your fabulous idea and kind donation! Today we are working on the hallway, so excited! I'm adding paneling and hooks, plus bulliten boards for household organization. Love our sweet Alma House! Bless you today.


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