weeds be gone…

31 May 2011

This house has some lovely landscaping courtesy of the previous owners, but the weeds were beginning to take over:may 2011 041 may 2011 034
  may 2011 036
There was a little too much as well, like hostas in the sun and some overgrown bushes and trees that needed to go:
may 2011 040 may 2011 038 1
a yellowing rhododendron (yes, I did have to look that one up) and azalea
may 2011 033 1
We advertised the hostas (we have tons more in the back) for free on Craigslist if they came and dug them up. They were gone by noon:
may 2011 072
And cleared out TONS of weeds…
Spencer got weed warrior of the day award:may 2011 002
Then, we began laying landscape fabric and mulch. We also used layers of newspaper in some areas for a little experiment to see which works better:may 2011 028 1
and gave rhodo some food~she liked that and began to flower :) may 2011 037 1
the hostas are loving the shade where they belong:may 2011 038 1
But there are a few remaining questions:may 2011 013 1
may 2011 017 1
But…it’s coming along! I have plans for the shutters, the garage door, and the front door though….may 2011 011 1  
Stay tuned…may 2011 045 1


  1. Jami Fleming1/8/14, 5:49 PM

    love, love, love your house and gardens.  We live in Texas (DFW Area), and  bought a lease house two years ago.  Everything needed to be redone. We have been working on the inside mostly and haven't gotten around to the outside yet.  When we do get to the outside, not sure what to plant, the front of our house faces the west and the back of course faces the east.  Do you have any ideas what we could plant that would brave the Texas weather year around, and is also pet (dog) friendly.  Thanks Jami

  2. amandacaroleck1/16/14, 10:51 PM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those Hostas!  they are one of my favorites! unfortunately I have killed every one that I have tried to grow  :-(
    Your yard is just lovely!

  3. Your flower beds are looking great! I love your hostas. Weeds are a pain in the you-know-what! I'm always pulling them or spraying them with RoundUp. I need to try our newspaper method of week control. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I hear you on the weeds! I need to start collecting our newspapers (we only get them on weekends now) to try that "technique" in our front bed. The weeds are awful-and it's too hot right now to be out pulling them. Your landscaping is looking great!

  5. Kathyp@creativehomeexpressions1/16/14, 11:07 PM

    Okay, come do my weeds now, Melissa! : )  I feel like I do the weeding and by the time I go arond the house and get back to the front, they need to be pulled again! Fresh mulch always makes beds look so nice and neat ~ I need to do some in the beds by my house.

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions


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