yearnin’ for urns

03 June 2011

I love urns on front porches. Here are some beauties:urn 1
  MinPt 003

backyard urn

Oh, and when the holidays come?? Look out.urn 5eab designs

urn 2
urn 4
I was having a hard time finding any urns for under $50 each, so imagine my surprise when we stopped by Kmart (we were driving all over looking for a black skirt for my daughter’s school performance)
First of all, I love the people that come to our Kmart:june 2011 020 1{he was hurrying to open the door for her. And they love Viva paper towels}
june 2011 025Anyway….they had big, plastic urns for $11 each! june 2011 024 Thank you, Kmart! We have had one plastic urn that I got at a yard sale back in Texas and it had survived 3 summers, so we’re good with plastic urns.  Plus, if they start fading, you can whip out some spray paint and freshen them back up.
june 2011 029 1 I should have planned ahead and taken pictures in the evening, but here they are smack dab in the hot sun.
june 2011 027 1 The flowers in the top one are taking off, so I’m thinking I need to switch them every few days since one side gets more sun??
Moral of this long, rambling story:
if you are looking for urns, Kmart has them.
for cheap.
Happy weekend!


  1. Thank you Melissa! You rock! I just got my urns from Kmart!!

  2. Delorisheatherly1/8/14, 1:28 PM

    I have the same urns and I love them. Mine were white and my hubby painted them black.  I have ferns in mine will put pumpkins in them for fall.

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 4:57 PM

    Hi Caroline~ I just ran out and measured! They are about 17 inches across and 22 inches high.

  4. Lisa @ Ferncreekcottage1/8/14, 5:42 PM

    I'm so glad you posted about the Kmart urns!!! We just moved fromLlas Vegas to Illinois. Everyone in our new neighborhood has beautiful pots of flowers in front of their houses. I love to garden and don't want to be left out! :) But you are right, the big urns are really expensive! I remembered this post and found the urns at my Kmart. Yay! Unfortunately my Walmart did not have the cute topiary trees, but I'm sure I'll find something pretty to fill them with!

  5. Michelle at Pineneedlehill1/8/14, 5:42 PM

    I got a couple at Kmart's clearance sale last year. The checkout gal couldn't believe I was so excited about how cute they were and THE PRICE! Yours look awesome. I have some grasses planted in mine and they are by our waterfall. Come on over for a cup of coffee and look at them.
    Hugs from Iowa,
    Michelle at Pine Needle Hill

  6. Janet @ I HEART My Glue Gun1/8/14, 5:42 PM

    Oh, I love the doting husband!

     This is what my Husband does, it's one of my FAVORITE things about him! His parents were older when they had him and VERY conservative, so he picked up alot of his dad's traits.

  7. I love urns too! We got two hand me downs from friends at our church last fall and now they sit on out patio this summer! Every time I look at them I squeal....:)

  8. You've got me thinking I need some urns for my front porch now, too! These look great! Thanks for the inspiration, Melissa. :-)

  9. Melissa, you are always so timely with your finds!  Last time it was the Michael's baskets, just when I was looking for baskets for my new armoire.  And, wouldn't you know, this week I've been looking at urns to spruce up the porch of my newly painted house.  Plus, I was already headed to K-mart today to exchange my daughter's swimsuit.  (Their little girl swimsuits are a pretty good deal and fairly modest, well, as modest as a swimsuit can be. :) )  Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Been dying to get some urns too!  We don't have K-Marts here, so while on vacay I ran into a Kmart and picked them up for $6 each (they were on sale for 30% off!).  Wahoo.  Thanks for the 'tip'!

  11. Centsational Girl1/8/14, 5:42 PM

    Don't you love when you can get something so pretty for so cheap?  I found mine at HD, they were a wierd copper color, hello spray paint to the rescue!  Thanks for the linky love, your urns are fabulous darling!  Yep, they scream for pumpkins every fall, and lighted evergreens at Christmas, good call! 


  12. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:42 PM

    Good luck! They may even get cheaper as the summer goes on...the $11
    something was with 25% off...

  13. Great.  Now I'm yearning for urns.  My big project right now is trying to makeoever my porch so it is inviting and feels like the inside of our house.  The outside right now definitely does not correspond to the inside.

    I'm so glad you told us about K-mart.  I get all my great deals from you!  Thanks!

  14. Ha! I have been looking for them too! I can't believe you posted about these. I literally am heading out the door right now to my closest K-mart. Thanks!

  15. Beneathmyheart1/8/14, 5:52 PM

    Great tip!  thank you.  I love urns too! :)

  16. Urns make such a statement but can be very affordable!! Thank you for the inspiration!


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