How to Spray Paint a Chair for the Kitchen

01 August 2011

Remember this chair from my thrifty treasures back in May? I thought it would be the perfect computer chair for the kitchen, with a little facelift.

My assistants:

july 2011 005 1

july 2011 004

3. finish up with a few light coats of spray paint ( the color is Eden from Rustoleum )

4. take the seat off and re-cover with a staple gun. {fabric is from it’s called Premier Prints ZigZag Village Blue/Natural}

5. screw the seat back on to the chair

july 2011 010 1

and there you go! a fresh, sassy chair to do my blogging in :)

july 2011 020 1

She will be allowed inside when she’s had a few days to cure and get rid of the spray-painty smell.

It can’t be August already~Rabbit!

july 2011 015 1



  1. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:36 PM

    Hello Natalie,
    I would use a traditional sander if it will be used a lot. Use a fine grain sandpaper and you won't take too much off. You could try the liquid sander if it has a lot of nooks and crannies that are hard to reach, but otherwise I would go the traditional sanding route, just because it will be more durable. You can find the liquid sandpaper at Lowes, Home Depot, or my Walmart has it. Good luck!

  2. Great fresh color, Melissa!  I love the back to this chair! I felt like July just flew by; I can't believe it's August.  Why does it always seem that the Summer months go quicker than the Winter months? : )

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

  3. Where did you find your Chevron patterned fabric??

  4. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:11 PM

    Doh! I knew I was forgetting something! I added a link above. It's called Premier
    Prints ZigZag Village Blue/Natural at

  5. I just spray painted a few things in Eden and love it!  Your chair looks fabulous!

  6. I love your sassy little chair!  Isn't she smashing in that color green?  I don't think I've seen that color spray paint--clearly I haven't been perusing the spray paint often enough! 

    Are you back home?  I've missed you!  I hope the whole road trip was wonderful.  Your ideas for keeping the kids occupied in the van were great!

  7. Soutletofficechair91/18/14, 9:42 AM

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  8. LOVE the color combination and that fabric is fabulous. :)  I think I might go out tomorrow to buy that color of spray paint - it's very close to my favorite color! :)

  9. Love the fresh look, Melissa. :) You have such great taste!

  10. I love the Eden paint color and the blue chevron fabric, and together they are a hit!

  11. Very cute! I love the paint and fabric colors together!

  12. Love the green and that chevron fabric is one of my faves! Love the end result:)

  13. melissa from two little tots1/18/14, 4:29 PM

    LOVE it!  And the color...I need to find me a chair like that and do something fun for my computer/sewing desk! 

    Does that liquid sander work well?

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. That's all! 

  15. LOVE!!!  Love those colors together.  So fun!!  :)

  16. Love the color combination!  How fun for your blogging spot!

  17. Great Idea! I did this with my dining room chairs and LOVED it! 

  18. Faith Ballard1/18/14, 4:29 PM

    totally love it.  word to the wise:  (from someone who has as many kids as you do and a passion for white and blue upholstery fabric) RUN, don't walk, to Joann's and get yourself some clear matte vinyl, and cover that sucker immediately.  Unless you plan to re-cover it every two months.  I LOVE your ideas and style, as usual!  another score!

  19. I am starting a painting project.  This is the first time I am painting a piece of furniture (buffet)  that isn't already painted and it is a real wood veneer.  I am nervous about taking off too much of the wood with traditional sanding.  How do you like the liquid sander?  Would it be appropriate for this type of furniture? I've never even seen it!  Thanks for any tips or advice. 

  20. meg duerksen1/18/14, 6:45 PM

    fabulous colors!!!!

  21. Kristine Anderson1/18/14, 6:45 PM

    Funny thing I was in love with the Gray--but green is cute too!  Miss you!


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