thrifty treasures 8.22.11

22 August 2011

I found these shoes when I was visiting in Utah: ($5)august 2011 028

And wished I could bring this table home with me…I think it would be a perfect desk/work table! may 2011 026 1 

A tackle box for the boys’ room: $1august 2011 033 1

This big print was in a pile marked free in front of a house. It has a chip on the left side, but if I paint the frame I don’t think it would be noticeable. I am thinking maybe a chalkboard for the master bedroom? Hmmm…august 2011 035 1 

A big old milk glass vase: $3august 2011 040 1

Another big print (upside down!)~I’m thinking it could be a candidate for some cool subway art in the family room?? $5

august 2011 042 1

Kristin and I coming back from yard sales in Montana. With a white board, a globe, and no makeup :)IMG_2309 1

I found a bug tub of Legos for 50 cents! This is what happened when my Dad opened the trunk:IMG_2310 1 I love him. He just shakes his head…

I’m joining Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures party!

southern hospitality

What about you..any amazing finds lately?


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  1. Haha! Sorry, but I'd probably shake my head, too, Melissa.  Plus, I'm shaking my head because I think I have two tubs of lego's going in my yard sale Saturday.  I wonder if you could fix that chip with clay or something like that.  It's a great looking frame.  My husband wants to know how many chalkboards and memo boards I need.  I told him we apparently don't have enough because we are still conversing verbally and not through chalk.  ; ) 

    Have a great week, Melissa!

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions


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