updating a framed print

09 August 2011

We have a favorite print in our entryway that I wanted to update a bit. When we first had it framed, our sofa was an olive green, so we chose a soft, suede-ish type mat. august 2011 040 I was ready to switch it up a bit as I’m preparing to tackle the entryway next…
Girl, why are you thinking about the entryway when your kitchen isn’t finished??

I know, I’m kind of crazy like that, but staying on the same project bores me sometimes, so I need to think about other things…
Anyway, it was double matted, so I took off the fuzzy green mat and there was a gold mat underneath you can see in this post
mat 1 So I took it out to the garage and spray painted that mat with heirloom white spray paint:august 2011 045
I put the single, spray painted mat back on and put it back in the original frame.  august 2011 049 1 A fresh new look for pennies! Did you know you could spray paint mats?
If you want to see some others, here is a post about updating another framed and matted print and another here. I guess I kind of like making over framed prints…
Happy Tuesday!


  1. No, I did not know you could spray paint mats!  What a great idea!!  That makes a lot of sense--and what a great way to update without spending money!

    I love that painting--it's Jesus washing the apostles' feet, isn't it?  The entire Upper Room scene is one of my favorites in the whole life of Christ.  Wow.  This is beautiful!

  2. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:36 PM

    I have spray painted plenty of hunter green and mauve picture mats! :) So glad you were able to update your artwork..

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:36 PM

    Anna~I wish I was more help on this. I created it in Photoshop Elements, and turned it into a JPEG file, took it into Walmart on my flash drive and they printed it out there. I have heard of others using Paint or Word. Sorry it's not working for you...wish I was more knowledgeable in this area!

  4. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:36 PM


  5. Hi! Found my way here from Craft Blog Uk, look forward to reading more about your crafty exploits! Di

  6. Wow!  I didn't know you could spray paint those.  I'm beginning to wonder if there is anything that can't be spray painted.  This is a great tip--I've got a few framed pictures that need updating, so I'll keep this in mind.  Thanks for sharing!

  7. Elizabeth @ Blue Clear Sky1/16/14, 11:06 PM

    It looks great! I have done this a few times and really like the results. You are so right that it is fresh and new for only pennies. My favourite was a cow scene I stitched that had a green frame and green mat. It now has a black frame and white mat with only a bit of effort and leftover paint. It is one of my favourite things once again.

  8. Ashleigh_bickham1/16/14, 11:06 PM

    A decorating post with a little witnessing thrown in - how clever ;)

  9. Looks much better with the white...it makes the actual picture  more dramatic. And another spray paint tip! Cool ;-)

  10. I did NOT know you could spray paint a mat, but I will surely be trying this!! Love that print. We just talked about service/love in Sunday School on Sunday and that story was used as an example. :)

  11. Mybellarose_sandra1/18/14, 2:16 PM

    Very nice, Melissa!  What a great idea to spray paint the frame mats!  Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. Somethingniceandpretty1/18/14, 2:22 PM

    Great idea, never thought that you could spray paint a mat, thanks for sharing!

  13. Ashley Skinner1/18/14, 4:29 PM

    Just so you know, you're the reason all the frames in my house are spray painted Heirloom White. :)

  14. Looks great!  I have spray painted mats before too!!

  15. Hi Melissa,

    I need help! This is sort of related to this post, but really goes back to your daughter's room makeover post. I have been TRYING with no success to type up a scripture, make it nice and colorful in Word, and then turn into a JPEG file and upload it to Walmart photocentre (so I can get it printed off into a poster like you did!) But Walmart keeps telling me that it can't print at that resolution. 

    Could you PLEASE tell me exactly how you printed that poster for her room? How did you turn it into a document that Walmart could print? Thanks! :) 


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