10 painting tips & tricks

11 September 2011

august 2011 024 1 1. Pick out your paint: the color I chose is Olivewood by Glidden.

2. Patch any holes nail holes in your walls with some joint compound. (white toothpaste also works in a pinch) Apply with a putty knife to fill the hole, then scrape over it a few times to smooth out. Let dry…august 2011 025
3. In the meantime, remove all outlet and switch plates with a screwdriver.august 2011 031 1
4. Wipe down walls with some mild dish soap and a rag.
5. Cover floors with old sheets (don’t ever throw old flat sheets out~they make great painting covers)august 2011 036
6. Use a nail to poke some holes around the rim of your paint can so the paint runs back into the can and doesn’t accumulate on the rim.
7. Keep a few old plastic containers on hand to use for cutting in.august 2011 037 1
8. Raid your kids’ watercolor brushes. They are perfect to cut in tricky spots: august 2011 040 1
9. Use painters tape to protect my beloved 2” angled brush:august 2011 046 1
When you remove it, you have a nice clean brush metal and handle. august 2011 048 1 10. Love the velvety texture and coverage of this paint!

Happy Painting~signature


  1. The best painting tip for perfect, professional paint lines- use caulk! Run a thin bead of paintable caulk on the seam between the taped over trim and the wall (or the opposite if you're painting trim). When the paint is dry, run an exacto knife over the seam to create a clean paint line, and pull the tape off. Works every time!

  2. Use fine sandpaper to get off any paint that may have gotten on the ceiling. That never happens to me. Lol!

  3. Hire a professional ;). My tip: full the painter tape off before the paint dries completely.

  4. My favorite painting tip is to fill a small disposable tupperware with leftover paint. Then label the lid with the paint name and room where it was used for easy touch ups.

  5. My best paint tip is to wrap your wet paint brush/roller in plastic wrap when you need to take a break and don't want to rinse it out. I've even left it for a whole day and the paint on the brush doesn't dry out.

  6. I like to line my roller pan with foil for easy clean up and less waste!


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