an autumn wreath

08 September 2011

I saw this wreath at Williams Sonoma, and thought it was lovely. But for $100? Not so lovely. You know what’s coming next, don’t you??
ws wreath  Of course you do.

6 bags of reindeer moss from Dollar Tree,
sept 2011 029 1

I climbed up in the attic and found a bag of these pumpkins from Michaels autumn clearance last year, and wondered if they would have them again this year.
(If you look closely in the picture below, you can see the different color of the pumpkins from last year)
They did! AND they had 50% coupons on Labor Day….score!
I bought 3 more bags at $5 each.sept 2011 031 1

I had rescued this wreath form from my neighbor’s trash last year and started sticking the moss to it with spray adhesive.sept 2011 017 1 
Then I globbed hot glue all over the pumpkins and stuck them on to the moss wreath:
sept 2011 053 2
My cost:
$6 for the moss
$18 for the pumpkins
$3 burlap ribbon at Walmart
free wreath form
Grand Total: $28
It may not be an outside wreath, we’ll have to see how it goes. I hung it using Martha’s little trick here, so I can easily flip it to the inside if I need to…
Who’s ready for autumn??


  1. Becky Chiappini9/30/11, 12:23 PM

    Buying the items today!!! Love it!

  2. Rachelle Miller1/8/14, 7:54 AM

    Melissa- This wreath is so gorgeous, much better than the original. It inspired me to copy yours. I posted it on my blog (with link backs to yours). 

  3. mayceegreene1/8/14, 8:19 AM

    This wreath is so adorable! not only is so lovable because , but the color scheme you chose is also great!

    Maycee (eShip Global)

  4. Nesssiepoo851/8/14, 1:18 PM

    I just bought 4bags of this years version of these pumpkins at Michaels for $1.19 !!!!!!!! And had a 20% coupon !!!! So excited !!

  5. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:19 PM

    Oh, wow! It's beautiful! I love your wood door as well. It looks just like the WS one!

  6. Love the wreath!  It turned out beautifully.  I was looking for an idea for a fall wreath, something that would carry us into Thanksgiving.  Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  7. gorgeous!  So pretty - I'm pinning this!

  8. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.1/8/14, 1:31 PM

    Your wreath is way cuter and certainly a much better deal! Well done Melissa!

  9. Caroline Otto1/8/14, 5:54 PM

    Hope you got the photo in the email. Here are a few links from photobucket; maybe one of them will work better than that last one ...


  10. I like yours better! Great job.

  11. First of all I want to say that I am completely addicted to your blog!!!  I saw this wreath of yours last Friday and had to immediately go home that evening and re-create it.  However, I am having trouble with the reindeer moss coming off of my wreath.  It just drops off onto the porch...I used spray adhesive on a wreath that looks kind of like small tree limbs twisted together. There are spaces between the twigs, so no place to put the adhesive.   Any tips on how to get the moss to stick better?  Thanks and again, I LOVE your creativity:)

  12. Gorgeous!  I just love your creativity & thinking outside the box!

  13. Gorgeous!  I just love your creativity & thinking outside the box!

  14. Claudia Berry1/8/14, 6:14 PM

    this looks awesome - i like yours better definitely, the fussy bow on the Sonoma one is kind of weird.  

  15. Gorgeous! Thank you for this! :)

  16. I have the same door that you show pictured here.  We painted it black, but had issues with the window area.  What kind of paint did you use?  Whatever we used just peeled right off.  Thanks!  I just love all your ideas.


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