a space birthday

02 September 2011

I think I’ve mentioned before that we only do birthday parties with friends on odd birthdays to help keep mommy sane. This was LAST year, but here are the pics I never posted. I do not go all out, but we try to make it fun~Logan wanted a space party:
august 2010 014 1

moon cheese & asteroids:august 2010 010 (2)
comet balls:august 2010 008 (2)
star sandwiches:august 2010 009
a planet pinata! Take a big punching balloon from the dollar store, blow it up, then put paper mache newspaper over it. Let dry overnight, then paint.august 2010 055 1
Do your kids love the stomp rocket? We are big fans here. No batteries, no annoying noises, just jumping to launch it. (but we do have half a dozen stuck in trees and on the roof)august 2010 058 1
of course.  august 2011 019 1
Happy Birthday, Logan!


  1. Oh..that looks like lots of fun...love a home made pinata...we just do random birthday parties with friends...though our family is more than enough most years....hope he enjoyed his birthday this year!...xxx

  2. Lindsey Adams1/8/14, 6:04 PM

    How fun! Proof that you don't need to go all out with the crazy crafting/magazine-worthy decor for kids' birthday parties. My family did the same thing growing up- only b-day parties with friends every other year... with 5 kids, I'm sure it was one of the few things keeping my mom sane.

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/18/14, 9:49 AM

    Thank you, Lindsey! I think I would feel like I was a constant party planner if we did a big party every year..it is working well for us :)

  4. HAHA  My stepson received the stomp rocket last year for Christmas and it was fun for all!  Love all the thrifty ideas!

  5. Parties are alot of work.  When mine got older, I offered them $100.00 or a party. They always chose the money.
    My husband thought I was crazy, I told him we got off alot cheaper by giving the 100 bucks.

    Tell Logan Happy Birthday from Louisisana!
    Have a fabulous weekend,

  6. Bravo! I hate seeing families like mine bend over backwards and purchase things they can't afford to host lavish parties that (let's be real) are more for keeping up with the Joneses than truly celebrating the event at hand. I think the party was perfect!


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