sunday drive

17 October 2011

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, so we loaded the kids up for a Sunday drive.october 2011 006 1

This is how they feel about Sunday drives:october 2011 024 1
october 2011 008 1
Is this not the perfect Halloween tree?october 2011 015 1october 2011 053 1The leaves are just beginning to peak, in another week they will be spectacular.
october 2011 019 1
october 2011 022 1october 2011 055 1october 2011 011 1october 2011 030 1october 2011 038 1
october 2011 034 1
october 2011 057 1october 2011 047 1
Does anyone remember the Disney Sunday night movie, Sunday Drive with Carrie Fisher?? We loved this one when we were little. Someone posted it on youtube:


  1. Looks like the kids enjoyed it in the end!  The leaves are beautiful.  They are just starting to turn here.

  2. gorgeous!!  there's nothing i love more than fall colours.  okay, well, maybe i love my kids and hubby more.  and air.  and food.  lol.

  3. What beautiful scenery...amazing!  My kids look just like yours when we decide to go for a drive!

  4. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum}1/8/14, 1:15 PM

    You live in such a beautiful area....*sigh* I miss that part of the country!!

  5. Lovely!  With all the wind and rain we've had around here I'm afraid that there's not going to be much left by the time the color really peaks.  Oh well, better luck next year! 

  6. As a transplanted WNYer  now living in SW Florida I really miss the autumn colors!  Thanks for bringing me a little of the fall foilage into my inbox!

  7. I remember when my parents used to load us for a Sunday drive!  Now I feel bogged down by schedules and sports.  You've inspired me... Thanks!

  8. What a lovely drive!  Wish we had trees like those here in TX, I would be dragging my kiddos out for a drive too.  

  9. Love the Halloween tree - its perfect! And thanks for using the proper spelling of "peak"..few bloggers do, and it drives me nuts! :)

  10. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful!

  11. Wonderful fall photos!  Thanks for sharing.


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