tidbits 10.26.11

27 October 2011

It has been such a busy week. Lots of fall/halloween/family happenings around here, but I’m itching to find a few spare hours (ha!) to finish up some projects…until then, here are some tidbits:
we saw these on OBB and had a haunted house we were helping with that night, so of course we had to try. The boys were enamored with these:october 2011 037 1october 2011 046 1

We went to visit our neighbors that recently moved…their property is breathtaking and the kids just ran and ran.october 2011 073 1
more frolicking in the leaves
october 2011 143 1

LOVE the fall foliage, but man oh man does it mean lots of raking…
october 2011 004 1

We couldn’t find him one night for dinner…(in his Thomas costume)
october 2011 020 1

a shopping list
october 2011 012 1

early morning frost at a soccer game
october 2011 052 1
beautiful fall evenings..
october 2011 161 1
october 2011 123 1
Don’t you love this time of the year?


  1. Oh YES!  I don't want to think past this weekend or Thanksgiving because that would mean my favorite season is nearly over ...

  2. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:18 PM

    Yes! You are good, Richella! :)

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:18 PM

    I know...wishful thinking on their part :) I always love your comments, Kathy! Happy Weekend~

  4. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:11 PM

    No, it's our friends' home! Such a beautiful property!


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