courage for the week 11.20.11

20 November 2011

person to be loved


  1. This is so important to remember and live by. If only more of us did this every day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Katie Sabin1/8/14, 8:23 AM

    My husband repeats this to me when I'm rushing around trying to accomplish silly things for my calling (I'm the one calling them silly, not him) and most times, he's absolutely right. I can take 5 seconds to give him a hug and a kiss...then continue on with what I need to do. 

  3. true but difficult

  4. Jswansonhome1/8/14, 6:01 PM

    Question: is this Thomas Monson quoting Barbara Johnson?

  5. Such an important thing to remember!  Mimi

  6. I covered my dining chairs in vinyl tablecloths that I found at Home Goods.  They only survived 5 months.  Next time, oil cloth.  With messy kids, I love these type of chair covering b/c we can paint and spill milk and I don't bat an eye.  

    BTW...are you hosting that favorite things party like you did last year?

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