my November goal.

01 November 2011

It’s 11.1.11.~don’t you love dates like this? Can you hardly wait for 11.11.11?? Rabbit.
So…we are having a major halloween hangover, 

 october 2011 067 1
still in our pjs and the house is a mess, but I’ve made a goal for myself for this month:
finish the blasted kitchen.

For the most part, it is finished. But, like any other project, it’s the odds and ends at the end that kill you. And I’ve made a deal with myself that I’m not going to show you the whole thing until I get these “little” things finished or else….they will never get done. I know myself too well. So, here’s a list I made, 

october 2011 029 1
and I've almost finished one!
We had our neighbors (we have the best neighbors) over last night for a pre-trick or treat dinner~can you spot my little bit of progress??

october 2011 008 1

have a wonderful Tuesday…even though it feels like Monday to me.
I updated the top referring blogs for October over there <---------------------thank you!
I posted deals today here, mostly so I could write 11.1.11 again….


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  1. I always love 11/11 since it's my son's birthday.  A day that naturally I never forget.  Can't wait to see the Big Reveal.  I just posted yesterday about my goals for the week.  Take a minute and hope over and have a looksy.


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