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08 December 2011

Yes, you read that right. For Donna from Funky Junk Interiors it’s favourite with a u because she’s from Canada! I’m thrilled to have her here today. Donna is the queen of turning junk into one of a kind beauties for her home, and she shows how step by step. You can see her full home tour here, but I’m going to share a few of my favorites from her blog:
look at her home decorated for Christmas!
donna 2
She did a whole 31 day series about blogging for a business~if you are thinking about it, these are a must-read.
donna 3
her beautiful white “trash” master bedroom:
donna 1 

If you are considering making anything out of pallets, she is your gal!
donna 4
and of course, every Saturday night, she hosts a linky party~she’ll be on #111!
donna 5
She is a load of fun, and you can feel her energy through the screen~if you don’t know her already, go say hello! Take it away, Donna!
What an honour to be here Melissa! And you want me to talk about shopping no less... WELL!! Let's get right down to it! 
I would wither and die if I didn't have some of these favourite things...
Thrift stores
Gotta say it... if you asked me what my alltime fav thing was, it would be thrift store shopping. My pulse actually starts to race when I drive in a thrift store parking lot! :) It's where I find all my junk and these places just make me happy!
But since we're hitting the retail shopping time of year, I have a list of those too, no prob.
Keurig K Cups - Mexico If you're a Keurig coffee fan, try the Mexico variety. LOVE it. (Black Silk is nice too) Add less water for more kick and you have one kickin' homebrew to start your morning off right.
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
But then again, ya gotta have a fav when out and about. Some love it, others hate it, but I need it. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is my method of madness. Grande, 3 pumps instead of 4. The ultimate treat I allow myself once a week.
Biotherm Age Fitness 2 - face moisturizer
I have combination skin so I need moisture without the heaviness. This stuff is amazing! I wear it under makeup and after you put it on, you actually feel refreshed. The smell is faint, fresh and absolutely lovely. It's around $60 Canadian but well worth every penny.
Shaklee cleaning products I never thought it would happen, but these cleaning products make me giddy. :) I'm hopelessly hooked on Shaklee. They don't smell, they're safe AND they work like the dickens! I've yet to buy a product I didn't like, but here are my favorite three I must have at all times. #1. Get Clean Nature Bright - laundry whitener. I can't STAND the smell of bleach and this is just... clean. No fragrance. LOVE. And it brightens whites like crazy. #2. Get Clean Dish Wash - there is no other dish washing soap that works this well nor stays this sudsy that I know of. No scummy residue on my counters. It's perfection and I'm emotionally upset when I run out. Really... #3. Get Clean Fresh Laundry - unscented. I detest scented laundry products. DETEST. Even the stuff that says it's unscented  IS scented. Well, this isn't. I want fresh and clean. This is it.
Brookside dark chocolate covered cranberries If you ever land these anywhere, don't hesitate. Not even for a moment. Perfection! I'll take this over higher quality chocolates any day. They are made in Canada (where I am)  so not sure if they're sold elsewhere.
Garage door keypad Have one of these You can purchase them at any big box stores. You jive it in with your auto garage door opener and you're in business! They generally come with a remote that fits on your keychain too.  I'm able to leave the code with neighbours if they need something and I'm not home. Saves loads of trekking through the house.
Olpha stainless steel knives Granted, I use these for my work. But I'd buy them even if I didn't. The stainless blades are tricky to find, but if you do, you'll never go back to non stainless again. The blades just stay sharper longer. Not to mention, these are a nice slim fit for a hand, which offers you more accurate cutting for small things.
Lens cleaner for glasses I don't have this brand, but the real point is, a real lens cleaner in a cute little pump bottle far outweighs any alternative when trying to quickly clean your glasses. I keep mine by the kitchen sink and can't live without it.
Scentsy Mochadoodle If you like your house smelling pretty but are hesitant on real flames, the Scentsy system is the answer and Mochadoodle is my favorite scent. It smells like mocha coffee... mmmm.....
Swiffer, oh how I love thee! Nothing picks up pet hair on hardwood floors like this. I'm not really happy with having to replace the swiffer pads though, but I use them a few times before I do. If you sweep first, then use this, you can prolong the agony of making more landfill and having to buy them so often.
High end things bloggers would love
This guy has gotten me out of lots of pinches. I'll retrieve email, check the blog, and have gone to publish posts when my internet was down, all while on the road. I've even shopped for clients and have sent them a picture of the item before I purchased. The screen is amazing and so are all the helpful apps you can get.  If you're upgrading your cell, consider an iPhone. The screens are AMAZING.
Nikon D3100
My SLR camera has become my newest BBF. However I will admit, I equally loved my compact camera. The trick was having a camera that wasn't bottom of the barrel. Getting a decent camera in one's price range with some settings on it including macro is a minimum and important in today's blogging world. If you wish to be published somewhere, get good equipment to help you get there.
My advice when shopping? Go in the store with an open mind. I went in with full intent on bringing home a Canon and this was the result. This one just fit my hand like a glove. You will know the right one when you hold it.

iMac 27"
If you're a blogger and you work with photos, this baby is the one you want to save your dollars for. I'm helplessly head over heels in love with this machine and it's the only thing I worry about having stolen when I leave my home! Ok... and my camera. :)
I waited 20 years to get the computer of my dreams and it's changed the way I do things online forever. And just so you know, I've been a PC girl all my life until a friend talked me into this. The screens are superior for photography and the system super easy to work on. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Happy shopping, friends!


  1. Those are definitely great things ! I pretty much love my iMac too :) I need to try Mexico coffee soon !!

  2. Hint: they sell knock off swiffer refill pads at Dollar Tree- and they work just as well!

  3. Cut up old shirts or microfiber rags to use instead of disposable stiffer sheets. Help save mother earth. :o)

  4. What a beautiful home!  Love all her favorites.  Must try the Mexico k-cups!

  5. Funky Junk Interiors1/16/14, 8:22 PM

    Thanks for your kind words Melissa, and for having me over! There's some great ideas in the comments... must try the cheat sheet swiffer idea. Thanks!

    (LOL to the U!!)Donna

  6. Vintagehome Colleen1/16/14, 10:49 PM

    Donna is our all Canadian girl..great pics!

  7. Donna is one smart cookie, so her list of favorites is a good one!  Looking forward to the party, Melissa--it's always such fun!


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