kitchen after

05 December 2011

Okay, here is the before when we first moved in:kitchen before
and here it is today.
december 2011 068 1
Can I just show pictures today and we’ll talk more about details, price, tutorials in some posts coming up?
Because I’ve got Christmas stuff I’m working on and you can pretty much see what we kept and what we changed. AND… I’ll show you some gritty-during the process-not pretty-maybe you don’t want to paint your kitchen pictures too~promise.
These are not real, everyday pictures. They are beauty wannabe-magazine shots that are fun to take, but really don’t reflect everyday life around here. Just wanted to give that disclaimer…
december 2011 072 1
december 2011 115 1
december 2011 096 1
december 2011 138 1

december 2011 042 1
december 2011 076 1
december 2011 121 1
december 2011 125 1
december 2011 101 1
december 2011 132 1
december 2011 059 1
december 2011 076 1
december 2011 081 1
december 2011 065 1
december 2011 120 1
december 2011 133 1

Don’t you love befores and afters?
kitchen before after
Happy Monday~I’m jealous of you that are getting snow! Our first Favorite Things guest will be here tomorrow~


  1. I love your kitchen makeover. Beautiful! Job well done.

  2. Do you remember where you got your Smith and Co sign above the door?

  3. Did you ever post tutorials about this?

  4. melissa*320 sycamore1/7/14, 10:52 PM

    Yes, ma'am. Right here: Good luck!

  5. Great job!!!  This looks absolutely amazing!  Love it!!

  6. Michelle Deschamps1/7/14, 10:52 PM

    Î absolutely LOVE your curtains!  Could you please tell me where you found these?  Thank you

  7. Taylor Nicole Cates1/8/14, 7:53 AM

    Absolutely stunning! I love the window treatments, those are some of my favorite combination of colors. Do you know where the material came from?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love your kitchen! I was wondering if you could take a picture of the top of the paint can that is the custom color in the hallway and part of the kitchen....the light blue. It is sooooo beautiful, and I want to paint my kitchen this color. Can you tell me the paint brand and formula? Thank you.

  10. Just found the color formula
    on your website....thanks.


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