happy valentines day!

14 February 2012

I hope your day has been a good one so far! Do you remember my sugar cookie fiasco from 3 years ago? Well, I like to *think* I’ve wised up since then and we attempted sugar cookies again today. And by “we” I mean, *I* mixed up the dough this morning, baked them this afternoon, february 2012 017 1

and I let the kids help me frost them after school. No fancy frosting or decorations, just a simple buttercream with red sugar sprinkles.february 2012 020 1

They were soooo good. We used this recipe, and it was divine (if you like big soft sugar cookies) Definitely a keeper, but we didn’t refrigerate the dough overnight, just a few hours in the fridge and I didn’t have any cream on hand for the frosting, so we just used milk. And they were still delicious! february 2012 025 1

For Valentines, the kids’ wanted to do the lollipop ones again. I actually begged them to just do the store bought ones to simplify this year,  but they really wanted to do them, so we pulled out the camera on Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t smart about how I positioned the hands though~it was way too hard to get the hole punches to the middle of the picture.  Hailey went for an upside down look this year, Spencer kills me how he scrunches his face up when I tell him to smile (I just want to hug him when I see this picture though) Logan had no leftovers..sorry, and Lauren said she is too old for Valentines {sniff.} She took some candy for her friends though. Landon scrounged for any candy scraps when they came home.

february 2012 013 1

february 2012 033 1

That’s about it~we’re having taco salad by candlelight tonight and then it’s basketball practices like normal.

Spencer said something so sweet just out of the blue today: “moms keep care of dads and dads keep care of moms.” I hope I do. I love my husband so much, but can be much better at showing it. He does so much for me every day.

I hope you get to give or send love to your dear ones today~



  1. Grace @ sense and simplicity1/8/14, 6:11 PM

    Those Valentine's cards are so cute.  I love the upside down one.  It may have been one task too many, but it has created great memories for them.  What a good momma!

  2. Sugar cookies with buttercream are the best!  So glad that you & the family had such a good Valentine's Day.

  3. I made cookies that looked just like those yesterday-nothing fancy, basic sprinkles.  And those cards are SO cute!

  4. Allmyboyzz1231/16/14, 10:50 PM

    These are fantastic!  What a great idea....only wish I would have seen it sooner, I SO would have copied it!!  Thx for the idea for next year!

  5. I needed to make cookies for a treat for Sunday School this past week and didn't want to mess with buttercream frosting, so I melted almond bark that I had on hand, colored it pink and spread that on the tops.  They actually turned out really well!  Thanks for the link for the soft cookies!

  6. I have never seen that lollipop idea but it is absolutely the cutest Valentine card ever!

  7. You must do a good job - that's how your son learned! :)

  8. Oh my goodness- I could just eat Spencer alive. You are awesome for doing those Valentines- looks fun! Love ya.

  9. Kristin@FavoritePaintColors1/16/14, 10:51 PM

    Cutest Valentines ever! Those cookies are divine, wish I could take one out of the computer right now and eat it! Mmmm. Love to my Valentines in VA!

  10. Lucky kids that know how it should be! Love your blog !


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