mini closet makeover

21 March 2012

Okay folks, this makeover isn’t about pretty, it’s about function. You saw what our tiny master closet looked like:

Help me, Rhonda. I really let it go because I knew I was EVENTUALLY going to get to it, so why bother?

I had this rad plan when my husband was going to be out of town for 3 days to surprise him with a master bedroom makeover when he came home. I was going to be awesome and organize the closet, paint, makeover a dresser, make a headboard and create a beautiful retreat to welcome him home. Then, I got sick with a stomach bug the day he left.  Then 3 of the 5 kids got it. Uggghhhh.
Soooooo, I greeted him with a closet makeover and some Lysol instead.
First, I took EVERYTHING out of the closet, removed that big long closet rod/shelf,
february 2012 012 1

and then sent 40% (thank you Katie Goldworthy in the comments for the 40%!) of the stuff to the Goodwill.

Out went anything that hadn’t been worn the previous year. That eliminated a lot.
The thing that bugged me most about this closet was the dead space on the sides that made it really hard to get to the clothes at the end of the rod. So, I tried to make the dead space work for me by placing two rods on each side and made the clothes face out to me.

march 2012 044 1

Supplies you'll need:

* a drill
* we used a wooden closet rod but with the price of wood these days you're probably going to want a metal adjustable one

and some wall anchors if you won’t be drilling into a stud in the wall.
I did the same thing on my side and that doubled our closet space right there! Our closet light needs to be replaced~it was smelling hot (yikes!) so I didn’t mess with it and the pics aren’t great, but you get the idea.

march 2012 038 1

Then, for the middle section I picked up two brackets with the rod holders and mounted another clothes rod and a shelf on top. You could use a scrap piece of wood sanded down as an option as well.

I also got a cube organizerfor 39.99 plus a few bins to hold socks, paint clothes, swimsuits, etc.

Then, I added a couple of pretty knobs and that was it.march 2012 051 1

We were using part of my son’s closet across the hall for suits, skirts, ties, etc. but I was able to move everything into this closet and the 2 dressers we have in the room. Isn’t it amazing what throwing stuff out and making a closet functional can do for your mood?! I love our closet now :) Have you come up with any creative solutions for small closets?

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  1. Looks great! I need to go through our closet again!!

  2. Your before pic looks identical to my mastercloset lol! I showed my hubby and he said "that's not our closet?" Lmbo. Great use of space!

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:30 PM

    Do you know how many clothes I have ruined with paint?? I have the biggest paint clothes selection ever. I did get rid of some though! :)

  4. I was considering doing something similar in my closet - it's not a big space, but I feel like I could fit so much more (and use so much more) if I had access to the stuff that gets lost behind the door!

  5. Kristen@fit2feelbetter1/8/14, 2:57 PM

    It looks great and I bet it feels even better to have such an organized closet.  It cracked me up that you have a special section for paint clothes.  (-:

  6. Way to go! It looks so much neater and more functional!

  7. You really did incredible with this closet makeover. You really made ever space very functional. I guess I would have to work on my own closet this weekend and add some rods. Thank you for sharing this post.

  8. How high is your top bar? I did something similar to my daughters' closet (yup, two teenagers sharing one incredibly tiny closet, I bet 1/3 the size of yours) and it works much better than the reach-in configuration, but the top bar is so high!

  9. That looks fantastic! Megan

  10. Too bad I live in an apartment. :-(

  11. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 10:43 PM

    at Home Depot :)

  12. Lol! We just put a rod/shelf like that IN! But then our closet has two sets of sliding doors. While half the closet is covered at a time, move the door and nothing is hidden behind a wall or lost corner.

  13. never thought of that on the sides thanks

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  15. BlueClearSkyElizabeth1/16/14, 11:02 PM

    What a practical and organized space you have created! We can all dream of dressing rooms and huge walk-ins, but this makes a useful solution for smaller closets that many of us have.

  16. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life1/16/14, 11:02 PM

    That is totally creative.  Love the idea.  Hugs, Marty


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