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23 March 2012

pure spring splendor…love this walkway. Wouldn’t it be a perfect bridal shot?march 2012 009 1
beautiful morningsmarch 2012 025 1

some funky clouds
march 2012 072 1
the neighborhood kids did a bake sale together.  I thought they might sell more with a “please” after that now!march 2012 001 1
Landon loves this sweater. He calls it his carrot sweater…doesn’t the little zipper look like one? it’s too big and starting to fall apart, but he insists on wearing it, even on the 80 degree days.march 2012 031 1
right through the middle!march 2012 075 1
march 2012 029 1
if you know where we live from this picture, you are awesome. Just say sandman.march 2012 010 1
they love playing with the bunny village~the poor bunnies are on their last legs though. Lots of missing ears and tails!march 2012 031 1
march 2012 017 1
don’t you love spring??
Have a wonderful weekend~thank you for stopping by.signature


  1. Wow blossoms already? I did finally buds on my lilac yesterday but blossoms are still weeks away for us here. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. Hey! I know that stone! Jealous that you live there, wish I still did. Pretty pretty pictures:)

  3. My son has a long-sleeved shirt that he "has to wear" no matter the temp outside - that was funny to yours in that cute carrot sweater. Precious!!

  4. Beautiful pictures!  We have a little ragged sweater of our daughter's that we put away as a keepsake. 

  5. The pictures are gorgeous, but man do those Bradford Pear Trees Stink!!!!  We have them all over and the kids call them the 'smelly fish trees'.   Love the Forsythia on the door too great contrast.

  6. Gorgeous pics!  And from the "where we live" pic...that wouldn't be ********, would it?

  7. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:15 PM

     Yes, ma'am! :)

  8. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:15 PM

     They do smell, but mostly when they first bloom, or maybe I'm getting used to them?? :)

  9. I want to frame your second picture. It's like sunshine on a postcard. Brings an instant smile to my face. Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday.

  10. Is that ********* stone?

  11. Where is that walkway? I do love spring, and I love the warm weather, but I'm kind of with Landon in wanting it to still be sweater weather. My kids keep wanting to play in the water, and I'm wondering how skipped that weather where when you stand in the sun, it's just barely warm enough to take your jacket off

  12. Aha, I think that I know where you live...a lovely part of our state :)


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