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09 March 2012

* bunny’s back! But it won’t be in time for Easter…(well, they were back this morning, looks like they are gone again!)bunny cupcake stand


*are you a font-aholic? Some very talented ladies have shared their favorites~I love these and they are all free! -links to favorite fonts on my pinterest page

*are you as ready for spring as we are?march 2012 002 1march 2012 006 1


* our favorite song to blast for Saturday morning cleaning. over and over and over again. How can dorky hampsters be so funny? My kids love it, and I will put up with club mix hampsters for clean bathrooms.


*do you love the game Settlers of Catan? It is a favorite in our house. I saw that they are selling it at Target now as well.march 2012 003 1

Our friend, Nolan conquered all.march 2012 009 1


*quick, delicious french bread in 30 minutes! we loved this. I just put the ice in an 8X8 pan on the bottom of the oven.february 2012 005 1

Happy Weekend!signature


  1. This is a nice article.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.Thank you.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the bunny.  I ordered it yesterday!

  3. We tried the bread this morning.  Yum!  Thanks for sharing.

  4. Please DO NOT promote Ebay! I hate those who purchase and then inflate the prices so that others can't enjoy their item/bargain! Find another way to make a buck.


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