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26 April 2012

Hi all! I am in a major funk. It’s raining, I’m in the middle of making reservations and plans for our summer vacation, calling around for the best deal on new tires for our van, hating how expensive everything is, and the day is half over. I almost forgot I had a blog this week :)
Can we talk ceiling fans in the bedroom?
I know some of you have strong opinions about them, and I don’t think many are pretty, but when I began to tackle the master bedroom, I asked my husband if there was anything in there he had strong feelings about. He said as long as the ceiling fan stayed, he trusted me with the rest. I would love a pretty light fixture in there, but we love air flowage in there too, especially in the summer. So, the ceiling fan isn’t going anywhere.
april 2012 031 1

It’s not BAD, it’s white and blends in, but the glass shade seemed a little genie-ish.

april 2012 007 1So, I picked up a new glass shade at Lowes, and I think it freshens it up a bit. Let’s not dwell on the dust though??
We have to make every inch count in our small bedroom. I have a nightstand and my husband gets a dresser on his side because we need since clothing storage is very limited in here. I  added this metal book pocket to the side to make it work as a nightstand. Thank you again, TJ. You can see the one in our bathroom here. april 2012 024 1

Our lamps are from an old Target Global Bazaar (RIP global bazaar…I miss you every January). The bases are nice and solid, but the shades needed a little change:april 2012 018 1
I picked up an inexpensive white shade at Target, added some jute trim, and it was just the update our reading lamps needed.april 2012 027 1
The room is pretty much finished, but there has been a major fiasco with the window treatments. *sigh* I told you if there is a way to make things as difficult as possible, I’ll find it. I’ll fill you in later :)
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  1. We also have a small bedroom and a window above our king size bed - making it hard to decide what to do for a head board.  Would you happen to have any suggestions?  I can't move the bed to the other wall, because that too has a window on it.  The overall size of the room is 12' x 12' - small room and small closet.  I love the colors that you've chosen and you've inspired me to to get going on my room!  My husband will be so happy to get rid of the old fashioned mauve color on the trim!

  2. We live in Minnesota and i really don't like how our electric bill goes through the roof when the sticky summer hits (from the A/C).  the longer we can keep the air moving to keep us cool the better!  i would love to have pretty fixtures but we will have forgo for the sake of the budget!

  3. We too have a ceiling fan in our bedroom.  With our hot Georgia summers, they are a must, even with air conditioning!!  And, we reverse ours in the  winter months to force the heat down.  Sorry to hear you had a rough day!!

  4. Yes, here is south Louisiana a ceiling fan is a must! I too would love a pretty chandy, but comfort will outweigh that desire!! Love the jute trim!!

  5. I'm with your husband!  I know that pretty light fixtures and chandeliers are all the rage--but I need air flowing in my bedroom!  It's hot in the South! :)

    Sorry it's been such a hard week.  Bless you, sweet friend!

  6. Ceiling fans would stay for me, too.  N,o they are not really pretty, but they work really well, and we need ours in the bedroom. It's on every night all year long.  I usually go with white to try and blend it into the ceiling more but the ceiling fans in our new place are silver and look like the propeller on an airplane.  I like the pockets you added to the dresser for your hubby - great solution!

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

  7. Oh how I relate with you on so many levels.  Last year at this time I was shopping for tires for our minivan for a long road trip we were going to take.  I was calling everywhere trying to find the best deal for the best tires.  I found out tires aren't cheap.  I ended up having Wal-mart order some for me that have an 80,000 mile warranty.
     My husband has to have a ceiling fan as well.  I wish ours was white.  It would be so much better.  Your doing a great job with all your updates:)  Keep up the good work!

  8. Heidi The Merry Magpie Vintage1/16/14, 10:50 PM

    I love the idea of using the book pockets on the dresser! We're thinking of replacing DH's night stand with a dresser for the added storage, same as you, but I hate that he won't have anywhere to put books. Great idea!


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