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17 April 2012

the last of the peeps. My kids’ favorite thing is to microwave them for 12 seconds and eat them with a spoon. I have never been a fan of them in any form.april 2012 002 1
My parents and sister came to visit! Oh, I miss them so much. When they come, it’s like Christmas for us all. april 2012 079 1april 2012 082 1

They adored my sister Kelsey and think she’s the coolest aunt ever.april 2012 031 1
We headed to Floyd and had fun exploring~we had some luck at Schoolhouse Fabrics with their $5.98/yd upholstery fabric!mom pictures 082 1
We also took them to our favorite bridge for a picnic~we couldn’t have asked for better weather.mom pictures 097 1
These web pockets-cocoons-whatever they are of caterpillars are everywhere around here. They make me gag a little, but I guess it would be so cool to see them come out transformed?april 2012 026 1
My dad had a conference up in DC, so I was able to head up with them for a night~I love that city. It was 88 degrees! In April?? It was unbelievable. april 2012 038 1april 2012 042 1april 2012 043 1april 2012 047 1april 2012 048 1
And I took my first train ride home. I loved it…I would take the train over flying any day. Maybe it was because I was by myself and I had a whole seat to myself and could catch up on some sleep?april 2012 051 1
Back to reality.
Happy Tuesday~signature


  1. I'm so glad you were able to see family. But those fuzzy worms are not good bugs their called bag worms and they infest and kill the tree in which they are in. So be careful yo kill them if they ever come to your trees.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to see family. But those fuzzy worms are not good bugs their called bag worms and they infest and kill the tree in which they are in. So be careful yo kill them if they ever come to your trees.

  3. What a lovely time!  Looks like you all scored some beautiful fabric too!

  4. You were up my way!  Yesterday was a beautiful day to be here, even if the temps were really weird for this time of year.  But, this spring, I'm getting used to it! 

    You missed the space shuttle flyovers this morning -- it was very, very cool!

  5. realsouthernliving1/8/14, 6:00 PM

    We just got back from VA and DC! 11 hour car ride all the way to Maryland to visit Grandpa but, so worth it! I have some of the same pictures of the red tullips. My husbands territory is VA and we saw some beautiful countryside that made me realize I think I could handle a move to VA if I had to move north! Would love to know what train you used to get home from DC? My husband always rents a car when there and drives but, a train could be really handy when he has to go from south VA up to DC.

  6. Kristin@FavoritePaintColors1/8/14, 6:00 PM

    So fun to see all of these pictures, but now I miss everyone. I'm starting a countdown to June!

  7. Willowbird351/8/14, 6:01 PM

    I'm afraid the bag cattapillar thingies are in fact, bag worms.  They will never make a pretty moth or butterfly but instead do terrible damage to trees, smothering them and killing them.  I worked 9 years for the Ag Extension Service and those things are terrible around here.  And the way to get rid of them?  You have to grab them and yank them off plants and trees or they will spread from tree to tree!  Gross, right?!  Thought I'd share! LOL  The covered bridge is gorgeous.  We don't have any of those here in Tennessee, sadly.

  8. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:01 PM

    I want to go on that train! How fun :)

  9. What a wonderful time!  We always love visits too from our parents.  It is so nice to watch them play with the kids.  Those nasty worm things though are nasty indeed - they are web worms and are actually very dangerous and deadly to trees.  If you find them on branches - you are supposed to cut the whole branch off and burn it.  Their webs can suffocate the tree.

  10. Lynn Wallrath1/8/14, 6:01 PM

    Your family visit looks fabulous ~ that's what amazing memories are made of. LOVE your blog!

  11. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:01 PM

    hilarious. fellow peep hater! :)

  12. Warm mushy peeps? *gag
     I have a very good friend who prefers the opposite: hard & stale. She opens the cellophane and lets them sit out for a minimum of 48 hours. *gags again
    Clearly I am not a fan of peeps in any form or in any color. *gags

  13. Move by me, Stacey! :) We take the train from Union Station in DC down to Lynchburg and then drive from there. I think Lynchburg is as far south as it goes?

  14. Oh, yuck. Bag worms?? I knew they were truly gross! We see them on the trees along the highway and this one was down by the bridge. Haven't seen any in our yard, but thank you for the tips~good to know!

  15. Hi Kim~Oh, I was sick that I missed it by a day. I saw it on the news and it looked so cool!!

  16. It is a lot of fun! It goes right to Union Station. We love Roanoke!

  17. Melissa  - I have been reading your blog for about a year now and I really enjoy it!  I LOVE to decorate, craft, sew, etc.  I think we must live close by since you mentioned Floyd, Va.  I live in Roanoke with my husband and 8 year old son.  We have always wanted to take the train from Lynchburg to D.C.  I think it would be a lot of fun! 

  18. Susan Smallwood1/18/14, 8:43 PM

    Sounds like a wonderful visit with your family!  I love train travel too.  I've only really gone from the South Texas  Border to Central Mexico on a sleeper train, but it was a blast.  A great way to travel.  

    I'm with you....I think Peeps are disgusting.....More for your kids, I suppose!  :)


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