tidbits 5.7.12

07 May 2012

Just a whole lot of nothing and everything going on around here. I always forget how darn busy the end of the school year is!

I thought the lily pads were so cool.

I finally took Easter down….oh, 2 days ago.
lots of games in the rain

and end of the year concerts

and cousins

I asked the girls to set some drinks out for a bbq…love the lineup.
The topiaries were back at my walmart for $11.77!

 I just tell my husband I don’t want flowers for Mother’s Day~topiaries (ahem....that I buy myself) and hand-picked dandelions are perfect.

My boys cannot handle the spikey plants~they get the urge to just pull them out (??) they didn’t last 2 weeks last year.
We’ll see how they look in August.
The best part about this week??

I have some spectacular guest posts coming every day this week with thoughts on being a mom. You will love them~you can also read years’ past guest posts here.
Can you believe Mother’s Day is on Sunday? I’ve got to get some packages in the mail…yikes!
Whatcha getting your mom??

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  1. I think I'm going to have to make a trip to Walmart, Melissa!

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions


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