back of the door = wrapping center

12 June 2012

I was sick and tired of rifling through bins trying to find the tissue paper for the gift bag, a card, and some darn scissors. I had pinned some ideas of wrapping stations on the back of doors, so I couldn’t stand it one more minute one Saturday morning so I stopped everything, and went to work in my little craft corner of my husband’s office downstairs. “Mom, can we have jolly ranchers and rice for lunch?” Sure. “Mom, can you forget about me playing wii all morning?” you bet.  Can I make a craft out of glue, powedered sugar, grass, and legos? go for it.
They love it when I’m in the nothins gonna stop me zone.
Here’s my version:june 2012 012 1

june 2012 030 1
I love using buckets for gift baskets and used some inexpensive coat hooks to hang them. For tissue paper, I hung a dowel on two mug hooks. It easily comes out to grab a few sheets.
I used a cardboard organizer to keep cards, little bags, tags and gift sacks.june 2012 024 1
On the top right hook, I have a little tin basket where I keep my very own tape, scissors, and pen. Shhhh! None of my little ones can reach this one.june 2012 016 1
Below, I just used simple coat hooks to hang gift bags, and a white wire kitchen organizer (from Walmart) that is supposed to be used for tin foil, plastic wrap, etc. Instead, we use it for rolls of wrapping paper.
june 2012 025 1
The only thing I really paid for was the white wire organizer. Everything else I found around the house. I’m suddenly in the mood to wrap a gift! I’ll show you the progress of my little craft corner/table eventually, but right now I’m still smack in the middle of the upstairs kids’ bathroom, my boys’ rooms, and Hailey’s room. Focus, Melissa….focus.
How do you organize your gift wrap stuff??signature


  1. Great ideas! I love how you used the white wire basket holder. I am buying on next time I am out shopping. Thanks!

  2. This is such a great idea, Melissa!  I have tried many times to organize my wrapping and I'm just never happy.  This may work.  Thanks for sharing!!

  3. You are so creative, Melissa! I love how you came up with this to hold all your stuff.  I just took the easy way out and bought an organizer that is now hanging in my newly painted laundry room.  I loved it when I saw it and searched for the best price online.  I still have the extra rolls that always seem to hang around {i.e. wedding paper, baby shower paper} in an old umbrella stand that I found at Goodwill.

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

  4. You're my hero for today! I've been struggling with this very issue and your solution could totally work for me! Thanks!!!

  5. Oh so clever.   Oh so good looking.   I am impressed and may copy your idea.

  6. I NEED to do this!  We have had so many birthday parties lately and I have not been organized of prepared at all.  What a great idea and I love that it's conspicuously behind a door!  Thanks for the great idea!

    I just started a little blog of my own and would love a visitor if you get time to stop by!  :)

  7. That's great! I love it.
    I have all my wrapping things in a  drawer, but its the rolls of paper I have trouble with.

  8. Love it, so practical!

  9. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with your post.  (and a little inspiration too.)  :)


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