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31 October 2012

It’s no secret to any of my long-time readers, that I LOVE to photograph fall in Virginia. It’s a bit of obsession and maybe I do secretly wish that I was a calendar photographer or something?? The crazy thing is, most of these are straight out of the camera, no editing with the colors.  Here is some of the beauty that has surrounded us this autumn:
october 2012 177
october 2012 044

october 2012 089october 2012 175
mabry mill
october 2012 180
october 2012 187
october 2012 083
october 2012 188
kids at sunset 1
Then Sandy came and took all of the leaves and left us a little snow.october 2012 011
They even built Sandy the Snowman.sandy the snowman
What the people in New Jersey and NY would give to just have some wind and snow instead of the flooding they are facing.  Our prayers go out to them and any of you facing destruction from Sandy.
Happy Halloween to all of you~signature


  1. Darn it! Those are gorgeous, I do miss fall color

  2. What a beautiful area!  I live in Wisconsin and I do not want to see the white stuff until Christmas eve!

  3. Beautiful!  One day I'll get to visit your beautiful state.  Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Why not make your own calendar? I'm glad to read you weren't hit too hard by Sandy.

  5. Lauren@SimplyLKJ1/16/14, 10:19 PM

    Beautiful pictures.  The leaves a just starting to change here and have begun to fall thanks to the high winds we have had.  Can't believe you've had snow already.

  6. Absolutely beautiful!  I love the colors of fall.  Here in NJ, our trees are already bare, whispering of winter.  And yes, how much I'd prefer wind and snow to Hurricane Sandy and an unknown numbers of days without power.  We're all safe, so that is the blessing in all of this.

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  7. WOW! those pictures are so beautiful! Fall is definitely my favorite season to photograph; & i LOVE your Sandy the Snowman-glad you are safe :)
    Happy Halloween! 

  8. I think that Virginia has one of the prettiest falls in the country.  Its funny that you guys got snow out there (I don't think of it being so far away) but we just got rain.  Glad to hear that it wasn't too bad in your part of the state.

  9. Beautiful- fall is my favorite season....which sadly is very short lived in Ca. {at least my area} we usually have to go hunting for just a tiny piece of fall color. 
    Thanks for sharing yours.
    Happy Day

  10. I LOVE your Autumn photos--especially the ones taken on that path!  You should do a collage of the ones you've taken there--this is your third Autumn in Virginia, isn't it?  

    Happy Halloween!!  Love you!

  11. Looks like you are near the Blue Ridge! Fall is gorgeous there...I miss it.

  12. What mill was that? Do you remember the name?  I think I have been there!  My brother lived in Roanoke and Rocky Mount for a few years and we visited often from Indiana.  Beautiful part of the country.  My favorite was hiking the Peaks of Otter!
    Your pictures are beautiful, by the way!


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