12.12.12: Favorite Things Party + 12 of my favorite things

12 December 2012

To celebrate such a cool date today, here are 12 of my favorite things in no particular order. This is not a sponsored post in any way, and I soooo wish I could give you each one! :)
1. Lands End Large Canvas Tote: best beach/swim bag ever. It’s HUGE, holds all the towels, sunscreen, snacks, maybe even the kitchen sink. The canvas is heavy and durable. I can't imagine the size of the extra large.fav things lands end large canvas bag

2. Line a Day Journal This one is grab-in-a-fire worthy for me. One line a day, but the best part is looking back on the previous years: “oh, on this day last year Landon started crawling and I made dumb chili that didn’t turn out, and school was cancelled because of the snow from Hurricane Sandy.” One of my favorite gifts to give as well.fav things line a day journal

3. Alarm clock from Target. It has a bronze finish that makes it look more like something you inherited from your Grandpa. fav things clock from target

4. Kenra Volume Spray 25: holds SO well, but isn’t sticky. I buy a big can in October so I can get the pink version and it lasts me a year. (ok, maybe if my daughters stay out of it)
fav things kenra 25

5. Tomato Knife. I would have never bought this for myself, but my mom gave me one last Christmas and I can’t believe how much I use it. It’s shaped perfectly for slicing up thin tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.
fav things rada tomato knife

6. Finds from the Dollar Tree this season: you know I ♥ Dollar Tree! I was in mourning because we don’t have a Hobby Lobby around here, and I loved their wrapping paper with the gridlines on the back, but Dollar Tree actually has some nice paper this year with grid lines! wahoo! They’ aren’t showing up in the pic, but the lines are there, and they make cutting so much easier. Oh, and who can resist a little package of Lindt truffles, also at the Dollar Tree.

fav things dollar tree finds

7. True Star for men. Cologne. Bear with me here…I know this was marketed to teenagers, but it is divine to me. I love men’s cologne more than any women’s perfume~is that strange? I don’t see it in stores anymore, so I order it online for my husband. I happened to see that some of the basenotes are grapefruit and black licorice in it ~ also 2 of my favorite things, so is it any wonder?? Sounds weird,( I am weird!), but it is scrumptious.fav things true star

8. Good smells. This season: marshmallow fireside is soooo good. And I love the bh&g scents at Walmart, $2 each.
fav things scents

9. Tervis Tumblers. They keep your drinks cold, they are unbreakable, have a lifetime warranty~my daughter’s cracked, so we sent it in, and they sent a new one right back. Each of the kids have their own design to try to keep cup washing to a minimum. We also invested in the lids and straws for trips and games.
fav things tervis tumblers

10. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo ~ this was introduced to me from a previous Favorite Things party…the best shampoo I have found for the price. (about 4-5 dollars) I pair it up with Dove conditioner.
fav things frieda volume

11. How Will You Measure Your Life? My husband wanted this for Father’s Day and I began reading it out loud to him on a long trip. Then I couldn’t put it down. It was written by a Harvard Law professor, but it applied to me more as a parent. It truly made me think about how we were doing things in our family and the long-term effect in our lives and our children’s.
fav things how will you measure
One of my favorite excerpts from the book:

“When the kids come home for a family reunion, I like to listen to their banter back and forth about the experiences they had growing up, and which had the greatest impact on their lives. I typically have no memory of the events they recall as being important. And when I ask them about the times when Jim and I sat them down specifically to share what we thought were foundationally important values of our family, well, the kids have no memory of any of them. I guess the thing to learn from this is that children will learn when they are ready to learn, not when we’re ready to teach them….Your parents most likely weren’t thinking consciously about teaching you the right priorities at the time—but simply because they were there with you in those learning moments, those values became your values too. Which means that first, when children are ready to learn, we need to be there. And second, we need to be found displaying through our actions the priorities and values we want our children to learn.”

12. Mmmmm…my favorite combo. I can’t eat either by themselves, but together? Perfection. And kinda healthy.
fav things special k southwest ranch   cottage cheese

Your turn! I can’t wait to see your favorite things. This is our 4th year of this party! Please at least visit the 2 entries before yours and leave a comment.  I would love for you to copy the little badge below and link up back here. Please only favorite things posts, others will be deleted. Thank you for party-ing with us!  :)
favorite things 2012


p.s. I posted deals here today!

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  1. I'm going to hop on amazon right now to grab that book!


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