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05 March 2013

Do you ever email yourself notes for the next year? I do all of the time on my Google calendar, and apparently, I was supposed to tell you to plant the grass 2 weeks before Easter for perfect timing and to keep soaking the wheat kernels until they begin to sprout. And I’m supposed to keep easter baskets simple.
easter notes
I love getting notes from myself! :) Click here for the full tutorial~I updated it!
wheat grass 320 Sycamore

Spring is making a few appearances around here….well, except for the weather.
easter tray
And a few random deals that caught my eye:
* Sams club membership through Living Social: *note: this is for new memberships only. For $45, you get a year membership, $20 gift card, and food coupons for free rotisserie chicken, pizza,  and cookies!
*use code SPRINGAIR at Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Gap for 30% off~good through today!
and a few practical things that just saved me a trip to the store in this icky weather :)
*Downy Ultra Infusions Fabric Softener 48 Loads $3.97, plus there is a .40 coupon you can clip right there on the page. (I use it for this trick)
*Quilted Northern Double Rolls 48 count, $22.94 with dollar coupon on the page. (no tips on this one)
plus, the Amazon Mom free 3 month trial is back!!
Happy Tuesday!signature
note: some affiliate links in this post. I only share deals I love and would buy myself. thanks :)


  1. note to self...I love real grass...grow some soon!

  2. Not to self...I need to send notes to self :)

  3. Laura Montgomery1/8/14, 6:10 PM

    I love to grow grass in eggshells as placecard holders for Easter. This year I am dying them first to make it colorful and happy.
    Thanks, Laura



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