spring snow + simple birthdays

29 March 2013

Oh warm spring, where art thou? The kids are managing to have fun in the snow, spring sledding
snowman family
-- snowman family! --

but I am so ready for a change and I feed my spring cravings by buying tulips at Kroger every week.
At the beginning of the month, Hailey asked me if her room was going to be finished by the end of March. Of course, I said--we have the whole month! Well, here we are and things have just been taking over. Good things, but busy things: basketball, scouts, wrestling, baseball, church, spring break, band concerts, volleyball, appointments, company, piano, sick days, snow days, you know. And birthdays! We try to keep them semi-simple here~my kids get friend parties on their even numbered birthdays to try to keep things to dull insane instead of crazy insane every year.
my go-to cake: funfetti cake (from the BOX) made in a bundt pan, with this glaze, and sprinkles of course.birthday cake
THE birthday banner, (from Target a few years ago)happy birthday banner
pin-the-tongue My girls are my best helpers and in house artists.birthday party frog game
flip the frogs in the pond,birthday party frog jump game
and whack the heck out of that frog pinata! (from here)pinata frog
blow out the candles
How we love this birthday boy!
Have the best Easter weekend ever~signature

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