laundry closet makeover

03 May 2013

Well hello there! I’ve kind of taken the week off unintentionally, but here I am with a little laundry closet makeover!laundry closet after
Here is what it looked like when we first moved in, and I could just cry over those two tiny boys in the picture that seem so big now. Apparently there was a great deal on snuggle as well! You can read the story of my new washer and dryer here. laundry

When my dad comes to visit we give him projects. We are really nice that way. He built us a shelf to go right over the washer and dryer last spring~love you, Dad!!
dad building shelf
The wire shelf is still back there, but I hung a piece of fabric (premier prints dandi dot sweet potato) with a tension rod from Target and just hot glued the edges and also hot glued the aqua pom pom fringe (from Etsy!) to hide stuff that we don’t use very much:behind curtain

The cool metal drawer files are from the Goodwill, $6 for them all! They are filled with crayons, colored pencils, markers, kid’s craft stuff. The metal baskets with the liners are Target clearance, $5 eachlaundry closet
On the other side, I have a fabric organizer thing that I picked up from a yard sale for $1 that holds glue guns, clothespins, etc. and of course the ODD SOCKS basket! My forever enemy. The baskets on top of the dryer are also yard sale finds from Montana, now they are in Virginia. $1 each.laundry closet makeover
The iron holder was also found at Target (in store), and I keep my powdered laundry soap in the brown basket and oxi-clean in the candy jar container.iron storage

My friend Carol sent this to me and isn’t it the truth!! I fold my laundry at the kitchen table (the laundry closet is basically in my kitchen) my kids fold theirs in their rooms. One day, I need to share our laundry routine. Not that it’s special or groundbreaking, but don’t you love to hear other’s routines?you wish
It’s prettier to look at and lots more functional too, for about $50 total in updates.laundry closet update
Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I hope you have something besides laundry planned~signature

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