more cabinet/closet organization!

23 May 2013

I told you yesterday that I had more bins to use, closets to conquer, under-sink darkness to overcome. Here is the other upstairs bathroom, under the sink. The previous owners already had the little shelves on the side installed, so that helped a lot. I love the plastic shoe bins from the dollar store, but when 3 or 4 are stacked on top of one another, it gets a bit ridiculous. The open bins were the perfect solution, the yellow ones are from the dollar tree.
under bathroom sink organization

And the little hall linen closet. I just cut a nylon shoe holder in half and hung it up to store medicines, bandaids, misc.
shoe organizer on back of linen closet for medicine storage
closet organization
And yes, we have been known to have all 3 humidifiers going at once in different rooms.closet
Yessssss. You need some tums? How about a heat pack for your back? A cough drop? I know where they are now!!

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