thrifty treasures 5.14.13

14 May 2013

This weekend was my favorite yard sale of the year. It’s a church sale they have twice a year and they have always had good stuff. The line is forever down the street by the time they open at 8:00, it’s well organized, super nice people, and pretty good prices. I found some good junk :)
Two globes, $3 each (I’m collecting them for something kind of cool!) and the bulletin board underneath for $2. I was SO excited to find the navy one.globes

Here is a quick pic of what it looked like inside in one of the main rooms:church yard sale
A cedar lined boot tray for $3. I had a lady ask me a couple of times if I was sure I wanted it, which made me want it even more…boot tray
And some odds and ends: a pumpkin for .50, a scrabble game for more artwork like this one (for gifts!).50, a glass pan $2( I just broke mine!), and a cool suitcase $3. What would you think about spray painting a suitcase?? Hmmm.
The navy might be nice in my husband’s office though. We’ll see!
yard sale finds
Have you found anything good lately??

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