tidbits 6.5.13

05 June 2013

They bloomed! So fat and lush and beautiful. I want a bush in every color.peonies

I adore end-of-the year cards to teachers.teacher card

We set up a trampoline. Are we crazy?trampoline
I saw these dog bookends at Isabella & Max awhile back and pinned them ~ someone (anyone have an original source??) took toy dogs, glued them to wood blocks and spray painted them to make PB knockoff bookends:dog bookends
Love them! Well, I saw these cute dogs at the dollar tree and thought they made the perfect candidate for the job:dog at dollar tree
And this is the part where you say: okay, let’s see the finished product, Melissa! But I didn’t get them because I have too many projects in the line up, but I sure wanted to give you heads up in case you wanted to make some fun bookends!! :) Owls would be adorable as well, I would spray paint them solid on the wood blocks.WP_20130521_001

And, my little train conductor just whistles when he’s finished:whistle

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