tales from appliance guys

09 July 2013

When we got our appliances, the installation guy said, “Girl! what are you doing getting a nice KitchenAid dishwasher and then a Frigidaire microwave??”
tales from service men“I’m going to be back here in 6 months repairing this thing!” I laughed nervously, wondering what I’d done!
It’s actually been an awesome microwave, no issues for the past 3 1/2 years, and I have loved my dishwasher.
appliance talk

He also told me never to use Jet Dry in my dishwasher, only Cascade rinse aid. I asked him how much Cascade was paying him :) He swore they weren’t, and he’d seen many a dishwasher ruined by it. Hmmmmm.
Another service man came to replace my sister-in-law’s garbage disposal and told her never to use hot water when running it because it wears the gears down. I looked in my disposal manual and sure enough, it said only to use cold water. This isn’t a paid or sponsored post in any way, just thought it would be fun to talk about as I’ve been asked how I’ve like my appliances. They’ve all been great, but I despise plastic bins in refrigerators. Grrrrrr.
I would love to hear~do you have any tips or tales from repair men/women? Do you swear by one appliance brand, or do you just go for what the best deal is? 

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