the lost are found!

19 July 2013

We are still here. Packing up, up to our necks in moving stuff: packing, taping, throwing out, selling stuff, wanting to take a torch to all of it and just start new at our new home. Moving brings out the best in you, doesn’t it? It truly makes me never want to buy anything again. For now.
I’ve been uncovering L’s everywhere. Landon was so proud that he could write the first letter of his name and he went to town all over the house. Part of me wants to make him scrub them all off so he knows we don’t do that, and part of me wants to cut the drywall out and take it with me and treasure those sweet L’s forever. Emotions are all over the map here.L's

Another thing that gets me about moving: the random piles.
Things that show up, or don’t fit in a box, or you find under the sofa or in the cushions and you don’t have the energy to do anything about them, so they get sent to Goodwill. or the garbage.pilesthe lost are found
But we have found some things that we have been or had been searching for and that has been fun and perplexing that they have remained hidden so well!
Which finally brings me to the point of this post:
odd places you have found lost things.
If you’ve lost something and are pulling your hair out to find it, here are some fluky places to look:
* in the stroller basket! Found some sandals we had turned the house over to find.
*the car. It’s amazing the treasures that are unearthed when you give it a good clean out.
*in suitcase pockets and outer zipper compartments. A whole supply of socks we found!
*backpacks: we found some teacher gifts that were supposed to be given on the last day of school.
* the dress-up box: you wouldn’t believe the things that make it in there when they are playing western/spaceships/robbers/airplane going down/oregon trail/rich ladies/house.
*purse and backpack linings: if they get a rip at the bottom, it’s a perfect hiding place for keys and lip gloss.
* out of season coat pockets: remember that random cold summer night that you pulled out your winter jacket and left your ipod inside?
What about you? Where are your most random places you’ve found things you’ve been searching for?

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