10 storage solutions for small spaces

30 September 2013

We have lived in some tight spaces. Our first was a one bedroom basement apartment,

  1st apartment a

and since then we have bulged some houses right to the seams. Right now we are renting a 3 bedroom duplex while we are building and things are feeling a little uncomfortable again, so I thought I’d share some favorite tricks for squeezing out every inch of space.

10. Under the bed: this is a perfect spot for toys in bins, out of season clothes, suitcasesunder bed storage

9. Use vertical space. Think up! Install shelves, find pretty baskets, use the space above your cars in the garage, and in closets.

8. Under cabinets: work that space! under sink organization

7. Use skinny spaces and some creativity in hallways for picture display:[june%25202012%2520067n1%255B3%255D.jpg]

6. Remember the back of doors! I made mine into a wrapping station here:june 2012 025 1

january 2011 018 1

4. Re-think your closet. In many instances, it makes more sense to do 2 clothes rods rather than just one.


2. Use the sides for storage:

1. Hang it up: use mesh bags to store bath toys. I also use a drawstring bag on a hook that holds rain ponchos.

mesh bag to store bath toys

and read this book!! Still my go-to guide for organizing: get mad! Calm down, make a plan, get rid of stuff, give everything a space and organize it in a thrifty, lovely way.

may 2010 037 1

You guys! This is it for September~we made it! A post for every day in September. I’m kind of going to miss it, but I do have to tell you it’s hard to do projects and write posts every day. I’ll still be around plenty and I kind of feel like I’ve got my groove back on. Click on the image below to take you to all of the every day September posts. I’ll see you back here in October!!

30 days september

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  1. Thanks so much for the super illustrative photos Melissa! I have to say that pictures do speak a thousand words. Sometimes I read of blogs or articles that are just words which can get pretty confusing, especially if they are trying to explain something vague or broad like organizing and arranging for that extra storage space. For us, at home it is mainly the walls and the back of doors that get highly utilized to maximize space. We use tacks, hooks and anything that will hold some weight. Now we will start looking at the sides of our fridge as you suggest.


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