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23 September 2013

Hello, friends! I’m back to share an easy storage solution we came up with for the bathroom downstairs. All 5 of my kids are sharing it, there are no drawers and very little storage, we are renting so we can’t do anything too crazy to the walls, so we had to figure out an inexpensive solution in a jiffy.
buckets on hooks for storage

Here is the wall before:wall before
Here we go…
Take 5 buckets from the Dollar Tree. (Ikea sells them too, but they are $4-$8) I was trying to keep this as thrifty as possible and remembered spotting these at the dollar store. Target sells buckets in their dollar spot sometimes as well (remember this post??)navy buckets from the dollar store

I used a 3/16 drill bit316 drill bit for buckets

to drill 2 holes in the back of each bucket. Remember to wear safety goggles-there will be little pieces of metal flying around! These are not very thick, so it goes quickly.drill holes in buckets

Then, take an IKEA Bygel rail for $2.99(never fear if you don’t have an IKEA near, did you know you can buy their stuff on line now?? That would have been helpful to know when we lived 4 hours away from ours in Virginia!!) and attach it to the wall on the studs.attach to wall with screws

Use a pack of bygel S-hooks for 99 cents to attach the buckets, and there you go. Everyone has their own bucket for their toothpaste and toothbrush. The girls do their hair in their room to try to preserve bathroom space, so we didn’t need huge containers. It was a perfect solution for us, and under $10 and under 1 hour. buckets on hooks for storage
If you’re itching for more bathroom storage solutions, I’ve shared more here,
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  1. I might just do that for own bathroom in Illawarra. Not that I have a lot of people staying with me, but it seems like a great storage idea just to keep everything organized!


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