every day: September 2013

02 September 2013

30 days september

Hello! So, I decided that since I’ve taken most of the summer off from blogging with moving and all of the craziness thatI miss the routine, the creating, the sharing so I’m going to jump back in. Like really jump back in. I’m posting every day this month. Pahhh! The kids are back in school, Landon has a little music preschool 3 times a week, it’s time.

Now, I’m not promising crazy awesome, pinterest perfection posts but more like the blogging I began with. Little thoughts, tips, décor ideas, recipes, deals, and imperfect posts that will get me back into it and hopefully you will enjoy. So, we’re going to count this as day 2, okay? Here we go…see you tomorrow. And the next day. And the next!


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