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06 November 2013

I was soooo tired of the jumbled mess of coats and backpacks in our entryway. We are renting, so I didn’t want to invest a lot of money or put a bunch of holes in the walls. This is what I came up with, very similar to what we did in our home in Virginia!

I picked up a 12 ft pine board from Lowes for about 10 bucks:
and had the guy cut it in half for me. (they will do it for free!)

I sanded the 2 boards down with a sanding sponge to make them nice and smooth, and then applied 2 coats of a creamy white paint.

2 Ekby Stilig brackets from IKEA were $4 each, and the hooks were at Hobby Lobby for $2 each when they were 50% off. Can I say I love these hooks: strong enough for lots of coats and heavy backpacks and the price?? I will definitely be using them in our new home.

To put the shelf together:
1. find the studs in your wall and then attach the back board with some wood screws (I used 4, two in each stud)
2. attach the brackets to the back board using smaller wood screws
3. attach the top board through the holes in the top of the bracket.
I spray painted my smaller wood screws black to match the hooks, and then I tried to evenly space them across the board. Make your silhouette pictures (directions here) and then put a few dots of hot glue on the back to keep them up~they are lightweight frames.

A little word of advice? When I was at the dollar store picking up the frames, I grabbed some of the poster putty thinking they would hold them frames up nicely, but it didn’t. You know I love me some dollar tree, but don’t buy their poster tack or this will happen very quickly:

Just go with the hot glue or the quality poster putty I used in our front foyer in our VA home.
The baskets and buckets are from our previous entryway and hold hats, gloves and shoes.
It is so nice to have a place for everyone to hang their stuff ~ it makes it feel so much more spacious in here! I’ll only have 4 holes to fill when we leave, so I’d say it is a good option for renters. Let’s total it up:
12’ board cut in half: $10
quart of paint (didn’t even use half of it) $10
hooks from hobby lobby during 50% off: $14
Total: $41
Not too bad for some sanity for 5 more months~

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