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13 December 2013

I have to be honest, I have had a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit this year. Half of our stuff is still in boxes and everything seems to be in transition. Anything we unpack we will just have to pack back up in a few months, and there really isn’t room for much, so this is all of the Christmas that I brought up from the storage this year. But we hope that the feeling of Christmas will still be here, and obviously, I did nothing to prepare for this “photo shoot.”
my jingle bell wreath. I have had it on my list to make for such a long time. It really didn’t turn out the way I hoped, but I need to play with it a little I think and add a lovely silk bow.jingle bell wreath

Our little advent calendar and the stuffed reindeer (that sings) from grandparents. They have such fun grocery stores here with huge bulk sections, so I went and bought  7 fun candies for each day until Christmas. Gummy worms, candy rocks, taffy, etc. After dinner jobs go much faster when there is a door with candy behind it to open.kitchen
Our tree looks a little sad this morning in the bright light, but she is full of family ornaments and memories.living room
You already saw the chalkboard + dresser in our eating area, plus packages and fabric samples everywhere.dining room
and I busted out the gold polka dot pajamas I got last year on clearance. They are big and my husband calls them “the bags” but I just think they are comfy and forgiving since in reality I’ve exercised probably once this month.wash
I fully meant to get this post up yesterday but it just didn’t happen! So you get 2 posts today, Friday deals + caught my eye are here.signature

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