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24 January 2014

Happy January 24, 2013! Here are some goodies that caught my eye this week:
We were talking about sconces and light fixtures this week, look at what Jenny at Little Green Notebook did to brighten hers up a bit…with nailpolish! ♥

little green notebookfrom Little Green Notebook

* I need to be on the treadmill behind this girl at the gym!

* speaking of, here are 7 workout habits you should drop now.

* we have a bunch of 9 volt batteries laying around from my son’s remote control car. And I toss them in the garage for recycling, just like this family—yikes. Something We All Have in Our Homes Started This House Fire

* I had the privilege of hearing some lovely bloggers speak this week, and Nie Nie was one of them.

  nie niephoto by Ashley Nielson

I loved her 3 things for bloggers to think about as they write. (this is what I jotted down, not her exact words)

1. Why are you blogging?

2. Who do you want to read your blog?

3. Can you talk about what is most important to you on your blog?

Good stuff! Happy Weekend beautiful girls! (and a few guys? maybe?)



  1. I love the update on those sconces. It's amazing how such a little things can change the entire look. And that, but I can barely keep from falling on the treadmill, so I doubt I'll be attempting that anytime soon.

  2. I just want her energy and enthusiasm + dance skills! :)

  3. it was such a pleasure to meet you! thanks for the photo cred :)

  4. An interesting post.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. Thanks for the battery post! I had no idea!

  6. I have never thought to dance on the treadmill before, but it looks a whole lot more fun than running! Kudos to that woman for tearing it up and not caring what anyone thinks, and getting some good exercise in the process!


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