another great money-saving trick when buying lighting + accessories

18 March 2014

A whole new world was opened to me when reader Caroline tipped me off to a great resource: used and returned items on Amazon. They are usually brand new or the box has been opened and you can get some steals! And I thought I knew Amazon in and out!

She said in the comments of this post: “Our dining room light was originally over $500 when I found it (and thought I can't live without this light!), but I was able to find a returned one on amazon for around $150. Such a steal!”

So, I kept my eyes peeled for items we still needed needed to purchase. For the master bedroom, I was looking at 2 oval Moen mirrors – they were $65 at home improvement stores and on Amazon. But if you look below you can find “used” ones which for the ones I wanted, meant the box was damaged but the product was fine. Many times, it means the product was returned.

amazon lower prices

When the boxes came, the mirrors were fine, and were packed inside another larger box with cushion and I was completely happy.march 2014 033

It may take some searching and patience, especially if you want more than one, but it could pay off! Just another little money saving trick to tuck in your home shopping belt --

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I will definately use this tip.

  2. We purchased all of our bathroom faucets this way! We had issues with the bathtub drain -- ordered 3-4 of them, and each one was severely scratched. It was a defect in how they were packaged, and Amazon was great about returning the damaged ones at their expense.


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