tile accents in bathrooms

03 July 2014

Here are some tile accents in parade of homes’ bathrooms that I thought would be fun to share:
Green subway glass tile with classic white:june 2014 127

We mostly saw horizontal patterns, but they took this one vertical:june 2014 242
june 2014 243
This was penny tile that they used to frame the bathroom mirror that I thought was so clever:june 2014 248
june 2014 249
june 2014 085
june 2014 125
june 2014 181
june 2014 179
june 2014 184
This was a small stone mixed with tile:june 2014 212

And these are pennies!! It looked so cool. They covered them with a thin sheet of plexiglass to protect them.
june 2014 152
And the wood look tile was really popular in kitchens and bathrooms:june 2014 234
And this house used brick in their laundry room:
june 2014 189
And entryway with a drinking fountain!
june 2014 213
What do you think? The penny floor was my favorite – very cool and unique.
Happy Thursday--
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  1. I love them all but the penny floor is my favorite too!
    Behold the many styles you can achieve with tile...

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hmmm. The penny floor was really cool! And the brick floor was wonderful, I thought--LOVE that drinking fountain! I like the tiles that look like wood.

    On the whole, though, I think I'm not a fan of tile accents. I look at them and can't help but think about how soon they'll look dated. Maybe I've just lived in too many houses with old tilework that I couldn't afford to remove?

  3. I keep thinking about doing the pennies on my fireplace surround. It's painted brick right now -- glossy white that has seen better days. I only have maybe 6 square feet, total, that I'd need to cover. My husband thinks it's too trendy and I'll get sick of it. I'm sick of the gross white brick right now, though, so I say, "What have I got to lose?!"

  4. Nice interior designing and interior furnishing!

  5. All of this looks really wonderful. I love it. The penny floor and the brick floor were tremendous. You have achieving many styles with tiles. Thanks a lot for sharing this nice post.


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