caught my eye + deals 8.22.14

22 August 2014

Hello friends! This week has knocked me out with school starting and my computer crashed. :( I’m trying to get a new one up and running and paying to retrieve all of my dear pictures and videos from my old hard drive. Take it from me today – save your pictures, videos, everything online or on an external hard drive. I had the best intentions of getting around to it, but it never happened. So here I am with a cme + deals because I really don’t need my old hard drive for it!

From the front, one might never guess that this house requires an overhaul. <br />Source: Zillow<br />

and DEALS! Remember, these can change or run out at any time:

* perfect for a birthday gift or a stocking stuffer: $6.95 for a birthstone necklace using code FASHIONFRIDAY at Cents of Style

* remember the rolling carts I used to organize Legos? These are black drawers, but the least expensive I have seen – you could still glue the Legos on the front to show which color? 8 drawer rolling cart storage $29.99 at Staples

also, if you are thinking ahead for Halloween or fun classroom treats, they have tubs of Twizzlers for $5.4

In-store and online – this is the sale I always find great deals on dress clothes for my husband.

* Post-it Flags .99 after clipping the coupon on the page

* BIC Brite Liner 5 Pack $1.05 after clipping the coupon on the page

* Pentel Arts Oil Pastels, 50 Color Set $4.74 after clipping the coupon on the page

* Frito-Lay Chips Classic mix Multipack, 20 Count $5.48 after clipping the coupon on the page

* Resolve Max Laundry Stain Stick Pack of 3 – these are great for keeping near hampers! $5.58 when you clip the coupon on the page

* Stacy's Pita Chips, Simply Naked Pack of 48 $21.24 after clipping the coupon on the page

Have a wonderful weekend~
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  1. Thanks! I ordered two necklaces from Cents of Style as gifts for my daughters and the oil pastels.

  2. Love how this space came together!! I'm thinking of painting my front door as well! Is your door metal or wood?

  3. I tried the Redbox code today- online and via the kiosk and it did not work:(

  4. melissa*320 sycamore8/23/14, 5:29 PM

    Sorry, Ann! It was a one day code, good Friday only. Should have clarified that.

  5. Do you mind sharing the color you painted your walls? Thank you!!


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