autumn thrifty treasures

22 October 2014

We have had gorgeous weather here and I have been able to hit a few yard sales on Saturday mornings.

yard sale

$10 for this pair of chairs at a yard sale! I think they will be perfect on either side of the fireplace? Replaced with the right fabric and I actually love the wood -- no painting needed here, but probably some touch up.
thrifty treasures

Okay, bear with me on this one!! It’s in rough shape and the spindle-wagon-wheels can throw you for a loop, but imagine it painted, some cool industrial wheels, and the top layer of laminate removed.
I think it will be perfect in a little corner in the kitchen. $8.99 at the thrift store
kitchen cart

A desk for the guest room $15 (yard sale) Not sure what I’m doing with this yet:

I died at this lamp at the thrift store. ($5) With a coat of metallic paint, I think it will be perfect in the boys’ room:

And a fun, big bucket for books or drinks or who knows -- $6

Do you see the potential in these or do you think I'm crazy?? Now I need to get my buns moving -- hopefully they will be fun projects in the dreary months of winter.



  1. Jessica @ This Blessed Life10/22/14, 11:30 AM

    That lamp!! I have stars in my eyes! Great find. :)

  2. All your finds are amazing and I am sure you will give them awesome makeovers. You can't beat the prices.

  3. We were thisclose to buying a bucket like that one from an estate sale 2 weeks ago, but the bottom was rusted out and it was starting to perforate near the handles. Had it been in as good a shape as yours....

  4. After you take off the spindle wagon wheels, it probably would look cool to paint them and hang them as decorations during Christmas. Wheels turned into pseudo snowflakes!
    I like those chairs. Good call to only replace the fabric.

  5. Please keep the wagon-spindle-wheels for use as an accessory somewhere. I think they're cool!

  6. I have the wheeled cart and I don't know what to do with it in my new house. I'm going to hold on to it til I see your makeover! I love the industrial wheel idea!

  7. I see the potential! Super jealous of that desk and lamp!

  8. I need to go thrift wherever you are! How far are you from NC? lol


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