diy headlight restoration

11 October 2014

Our headlights were pretty foggy and dull and I have seen headlight restoration advertised in kits and by pros from $20-$100, so I thought I would try a trick I saw somewhere -- toothpaste!
headlights after

I rubbed it on in circular motions with baking soda toothpaste
--  wouldn’t let it get on the finish of your paint on the car…

use toothpaste for headlights

and it was still a little foggy but better,
little cloudy

so I went to town with some more baking soda with a little water, my magic eraser, and some wd-40 (don’t let it on your paint job!) and then they really shined.
headlights after

I love little tricks on Saturday mornings!



  1. Nice! I always thought it was foggy because of something on the inside...We have a headlight or two that could use some help :)

  2. Where are those bottles from?!?

  3. Last time I had my oil changed I asked the tech what would work and he used a little transmission fluid. Worked like a charm.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing my shelves Melissa!

  5. Hello, do you know what color/ of stain they used for the book shelf? And what kind of metal? Thank you!


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