pegboard organization in the garage

01 October 2014

Welcome to Day 1 of 31 Days at 320 Sycamore! We are slowly trying to figure out the best places for things as we unpack, organize, gather, and get rid of stuff in our boxes. The garage is on the top of our list because I hate the feeling of not knowing where things are. Especially when we are rushing out the door to a practice or a game -- I was so tired of wasting time looking for things. So, we decided to do something about it.

pegboard organization garage

4 ft X 8ft sheets of pegboard are about $18 at home depot. I had them cut it in half (they will for free!) so it would be easier to handle.
paint pegboard
I used my handy dandy sprayer (I’ve used the sprayer on my boys’ dressers, our front door, the green entryway table, and the cart on the front porch and it’s still going strong)to quickly give it a coat of color.
paint the pegboard
I keep a roller on hand for any drips

keep a roller on hand
attach them to the wall where the studs are using wood screws.
pegboard in garage
I didn’t drill the screws all the way in at the beginning so the hooks would have room to insert easily

hooks for organization

I often see
these wire baskets at thrift stores -- they are perfect for pegboards!
hooks for pegboard
After everything was hung, then we tightened the screws against the wall. For bats, I threw them in a bucket in the corner by the garage door. My husband likes basketballs and football kept inside to protect them…

bats in bucket organization
and there we go. I know it won’t always look like this, but I love that everything at least has a home when we tidy up.
pegboard organization garage
we're taking it one wall at a time -- more to come later this month with the tools, yard stuff, etc.


  1. We keep our bats inside in our Utah winters also. Some of them can be damaged by the cold.

  2. Melissa,

    How beautiful is that! I LOVE the color. We just have hooks we screwed straight into the drywall for most of our stuff, but I might have to reconsider after seeing yours! What a cute idea. Love it. Looking forward to seeing more! =)


  3. I just want to say that I am glad that you are still getting things organized and put away even though you've been moved in for a little bit. We moved at the end of July and I'm still unpacking! I just got shelves put in my craft closet this weekend so I can finally unpack all of those boxes, but there are many many many more to go. I've been feeling so frustrated by still not being able to find so many things and annoyed that it's taking so long. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

  4. melissa*320 sycamore10/2/14, 8:42 AM

    Good to know, thank you

  5. melissa*320 sycamore10/2/14, 8:43 AM

    Yes! Still unpacking, sorting, moving stuff around, it takes a couple of years for me to be truly settled and see what works and what doesn't. :)

  6. this is such a cool idea! I have been needing a way to organize our sports junk, er, stuff. Thanks for the tutorial.


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