favorite things 2014

17 November 2014

Welcome to our 5th Annual Favorite Things! It's like what Oprah used to do, but on a much more realistic scale. So, sit back, click through and just enjoy learning about some favorite books, makeup, kitchen gadgets, snacks, you name it, from some very talented ladies. It’s going to be a good time all week and on Thursday you can link up your post with us at our annual party!

favorite things 2014

Here is the fantastic lineup:

idea room collage
forever cottage collage

fresh plate collage

fifth house collage


  1. So many talented ladies all in one spot, great group!! Can't wait to see tomorrow's :) xoxo

  2. Carmel Phillips11/17/14, 5:36 PM

    Thanks so much for including me! Love this series and looking forward to reading everyones posts!

  3. Elizabeth Gordon11/22/14, 11:22 AM

    Is memories on cloverlane still blogging ?


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