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03 December 2014

Do you ever go in there any more? I see so many stores closing, but I need to tell you that if I don’t want to face the craziness of other stores, I go here because it is quiet, smaller, and they usually have things in stock when others don’t. We were in there picking up plates and forks for the second grade party, and I hit the jackpot. I posted the sweet little fox ornament on Instagram but I loved so many more things. You’ll be seeing them you know…when I decorate for Christmas! I’m so slow this year, but that’s okay. I say do it when the mood strikes and don’t stress yourself out about it. Here are some things that caught my eye -- and the prices? Yes, please!

kmart richardson garland

kmart boot socks for stockings
Joe Boxer boot socks --  $4.20/pr so $2.10 each! I’m hanging them for some decorative stockings.

kmart silver bay wreath
They also have the garland but they are out of stock online -- they did have it for $15 something in store:
kmart garland silver bay leaf

sears mercury ornaments
Mercury ornaments $8.18  -- I found the last box of silver at my Kmart store and they were only 5 something for the set, but it looks like they are out online.
kmart mercury ornaments silver

kmart white pitcher

kmart winter radiance wreath
I really need to get stop posting my finds and actually use them to decking my halls, but I had to share. Do you have any great sources for Christmas décor?
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  1. Wow! I almost stopped in there yesterday, now I for sure will make a stop!

  2. I actually bought those Silver Bay wreaths a few weeks ago, along with some red ribbon to go on our front doors! (Now I just need to put curtains up.) I love the Winter Radiance Wreath, too.

  3. I love going to Kmart for the same reasons... it's always less crowded. Plus their rewards program is awesome. You just give them your phone number every time you check out, points add up, then you get money off! Woot!

  4. My other comment didn't seem to appear--I was having issues uploading a photo. These are the Silver Bay wreaths, which I got a few weeks ago.


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