courage for the week 12.28.14

28 December 2014

wonderful moment of the year


  1. Chloe Crabtree12/28/14, 4:38 PM

    What a lovely quotation. I did just that, and you know, it is hard to think of what the one most wonderful moment was. This exercise makes one truly take a look at themselves, their lives and think about the blessings bestowed upon us. Was it seeing my first grandchild baptized? Was it having all of my children together again for a few days? Holding my husband after being apart for a month? I am truly a blessed person, thank you for sharing this today. May your New Year be happy and blessed with many wonderful moments.

  2. What a beautiful quote! I'm reading this after 2014 has past and the New Year has already arrived but I still think it is a great reminder as we move through this transition. Thanks for sharing this quote! I hope you had a lovely and blessed holiday season!


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