boys’ room reading corner * zinc letters

26 February 2015

You may remember the orange chair that I scored from Craigslist when we lived in Virginia. We removed the skirt to update the feel of it, but I had a few more things in my boys’ room stash to add here.

boys reading corner

The lamp I found at a local thrift store this past fall and spray painted it the same color of our family room lamps. But there was a catch when I was spray painting and a huge long story to go with it -- that I will tell another day. :)

I wanted to do something a little different than we did in our Texas boys’ room. I used the same table tops, painted them a light blue and paired them with a pair of bike tires that I found at the YMCA thrift shop in Fairlawn, Virginia. I thought they were so cool -- I see them every day in my garage, but they just looked different off the bike and in the thrift store. Then they got packed up and brought across the country because I knew I wanted to use them in the boys’ room.

The zinc-look letters are just paper mache letters from JoAnn for around $3 each with coupon and painted

painting paper mache letters zinc look

with some black paint and then overcoated with a mixture of gunmetal and pearl white

paint for zinc letters

Just kind of brush it on until it looks zinc-y.

painting metal look letters

There you have it!
metallic look paper mache letters

It's coming along -- I try to grab an hour here and there to work on their room and I wish I was a magic superwoman and could whip it all out in one weekend, but it’s progress!

  boys room letters with bike tires



  1. These look great! Thanks for sharing how you made them!

  2. Um, I'd say you are a magic superwoman! I love the tires. Total inspiration for me!

  3. The bike tires on the wall is so creative! Thanks for sharing how you made the letters look like metal.

  4. These are awesome! I wonder if I would be able to jazz these up for my little girl. I have her initial hanging on the wall already, but these have a little bit more visual appeal!
    Kate |


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